Monday, March 2, 2009

Dear CSPAN and any news channel that wishes to read this:

The economic crisis was staged on purpose by a secret society at Yale and Deer Park Island called Skull and Bones. They are one of 5 branches of government in a structure called the Illuminati. The five goverments span across Europe, America, Russia, and parts of Asia. Ever since 1832, every war we fought in this nation could have been avoided. Archduke Ferdinand was killed by a Freemason from this group in the U.S. disguised as a Serbian rebel to trick nations into fighting. They have funded Hitler to get to power with our tax payer money collected from the Great Depression. The crash was somewhat our fault and unavoidable, but they helped stage it to get our money to give it to Hitler. So, he would have not gotten to power and the whole millions of dead and poverty could have been avoided. They funded the South in Civil War, aid Neo Nazi groups since they are all white supremacy guys. They hate representative democracy, and don't want communism, or socialism either. What they truly want is Facism, or sole one man dictatorship. They are known child molestors, rapists, and murdered several reporters in the past who broke in the Tomb. They looted the skull of Geronimo and never returned it. All wars could have been avoided in the 20th century since these men funded the enemy and are therefore responsible for millions of American deaths. They are traitors to more than us, but to the whole world. They worship Satan and want to bring Hell's army out in 2012 or by stealing all of our money and inflating it. This is their religion, I am not trying to say I believe this is the only truth in faith and won't violate other people's religious beliefs under the bill of rights.
They are opening FEMA death camps (800+ total in the U.S. alone, 200 in Montana) that are capable of holding millions of Americans. The first targets on the red, blue lists are political threats, Christians, Muslims, to be rounded up at trains with box cars and shakles, and gas chamber cars. Germany is one the main bases where The Great White Brotherhood, the leader group of the 5 in the Illuminati is located. Masons may be xians, but the leaders are not. This is how cults function. They lie to their followers. THE AUDIT FOR THE U.S. IS GOING TO SHOW IT IS GOING TO THESE GUYS! The Great White Brotherhood existed since ancient Sumerian times in the past and are responsible for funding Assyrians, Babylonians, and Mongolians to commit wars.
I might not have total proof to say more than 96% is right with stats, but guys, WHY DOES NO ONE IN THE NEWS EVER REALLY INVESTIGATE THESE GUYS? You just might save your nation. It might be the only way to save our economy and democracy. Afterall, Obama can not change the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We are allowed to have guns even though bad has happened in the past of us because when the goverment has all the guns, it screams bloody goverment takeover. We can not speak bad words on him now because people might think I am a terrorist. It is the 1st amendment and Obama is a terrorist. He is employed by the Underground Weathermen who work with Osama Bin Laden. Obama got his money from LDR and the Venezuelan Communist/Socialist Party. He stuffed the ballot boxes to win and out advertised McCain with money not votes. Obama is one of the groups staging the fake economic crisis and taxing us to poverty. He stole all of the nations reserves in a terrorist attack on our wallets. If terror, communism, socialism, and facism cannot go to war with us and win, then they will infiltrate our goverment in secret societies and steal our money and rule us from within.

The other groups are the Bavarian Illuminati, Minerval Order, Knights Templar. MO has the media, music, and etc. The Templars funded kings and waged the crusades and caused murders to happen every day with religious hate to xians in Irael and the Middle East. The Templars were not xians, they were cultists. The BI, I don't know what they do but their is a castle in Romania were a woman rapes children and kills them. These guys blackmail and put in place politicians in U.S., Bavaria, France, Germany, U.K., Russia, and Asia. We need to investigate these guys on the news and national tv. More later